Governor Philip King Public School

Striving for Personal Excellence

Telephone02 9610 8955

Stage One

Year One Supervisor: Ms Biljana Stojanoska

Year 1

Your child begins Year 1 with familiar faces and school routines. Year 1 is the start of Learning Stage 1 and will continue until the end of Year 2. 

1JD:  Mrs Drca

1NN: Mrs Nastasi (M-Th) Mrs Nona (F)

1HW: Mrs Hoyle (M-Th) Mrs Oraham (F)


Year Two Supervisor: Miss Natali 

Year 2 

Your child is in the final year of Learning Stage 1. Students in Year 2 build on their basic reading, writing and maths skills through a variety of activities.

2AH: Miss Host

2IN : Miss Natali

2JL : Mr Lorello


Parents will need to purchase two homework books. We use A4 lined books for homework. It is recommended that each student has two 96 page books to last through the year. The homework books should be neatly covered, with the child’s name and class clearly marked. Teachers understand that there are occasions when homework cannot be completed on a given afternoon and encourage students to work out a timetable that best suits them and their family. The homework book and folder are to be returned to school on Friday and the teacher will mark it, change the reader and return them to the student on Monday. 

Click here to download the Year One information note

Click here to download the Year Two information note

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